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Does The Ford Raptor R Need Almost 1,000 Horsepower? Hennessy Says Yes

Does The Ford Raptor R Need Almost 1,000 Horsepower? Hennessy Says Yes

The Ford Raptor and the following supercharged Ford Raptor R are basically the distilled essence of the intro guitar solo from Lynyrd Skynyrd`s "Freebird" and a Monster Energy drink in truck form. Likely at no factor at some point of the studies and improvement section of the Ford Raptor R did anybody don't forget whether or not or now no longer a 700-plus horsepower truck able to single-digit miles consistent with gallon might be a advantage to the extra suitable of society.

Societal ramifications of a massive truck in all likelihood might not appear that vital to Raptor R proprietors while they're too busy leaping dunes at motorway velocity and taking note of the whole lot of Megadeth's discography at the same time as doing donuts withinside the desert. Hennessey, referred to purveyor of all matters speedy and Ford, took one examine the Raptor R and determined that it wasn't loopy enough. It wished greater. More horsepower, greater velocity, and greater dinosaur nomenclature. It determined to make the VelociRaptoR one thousand, the international's angriest improve to the Raptor R.

1,000 horsepower would not want to invite why

Clocking in at "nearly" 1,000 horsepower, the uber-Raptor is making an attempt to be absolutely the apex predator to some thing with a pickup bed. The VelociRaptoR has upwards of a 40% growth in strength over the now relatively gradual Raptor R. According to Hennessey, each VelociRaptoR one thousand begins offevolved lifestyles as a Raptor R wherein it's miles then geared up with a supercharger that sports activities a displacement of 3.8-liters. For comparison, the Dodge Charger SRT Demon's supercharger became simplest 2.7 liters. Hennessey claims its advent is one of the maximum effective vehicles withinside the international in phrases of horsepower. It's surely one of the maximum ostentatious vehicles to ever put on a Ford badge. 

Hennessey plans to begin constructing the monstrosity in 2023. Pricing has now no longer been introduced but however given the reality that the Raptor R begins offevolved at over $100,000, and Hennessey's improve to the Shelby Mustang costs $59,950 plus to fee of the Mustang, the VelociRaptoR one thousand makeover in all likelihood might not be a budget-pleasant option. 

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